All-Plast is a company founded by eight persons in 1968 in Helsinki. Over the time, we have moved to Eastern Finland. Now we are located in Heinävaara, near by the city of Joensuu. The team of professionals at All-Plast is made from 17 employees who are responsible for the high-quality manufacturing of products and the organization of orders. 


We manufacture plastic products with various injection molding techniques, of which we are especially proud of our natural fiber composite expertise. Natural fiber composite a material with bright future with its environment friendliness and sustainability. We are passionate to use our skills in the development of material use. 


We believe in responsibility and want to develop future products from sustainable materials. We have FSC® certification, which indicates our FSC products and materials support for responsible forest management. All-Plast is certified to Kiwa Inspecta's ISO 9001 quality criteria and also has the Rinki certification mark, which shows corporate responsibility in relation to the recycling on packaging.



What is unnecessary plastic?


Is there a refrigerator in your home? Or a cell phone? You probably answered yes – so you are using plastic. We live in the revolutionary times of ecological thinking, and the word ‘’plastic’’ sounds like a swear word to some. It is a visible factor in environmental pollution.


Let’s go to the deeper essence of the term ‘’unnecessary plastic’’. We agree that plastic is use in our everyday lives also in unnecessary matters. We are now talking, for example, about putting a bunch of bananas in a plastic bag, which may have been supplemented with fossil oil based raw materials. Unnecessary plastic is even more pointless when it is found in the wrong places, like nature. 


So what is useful plastic? It is responsible for our safety, for example, it is in cycling helmets and cars. It is part of our home’s interior design and structures. Nurses and doctors use it in their instruments. Plastic has been developed to make our lives easier, thanks to its technical durability and easy moulding. 


We cannot step into the future fully plastic-free. Plastic terminology is complicated, and some might get confused about it and all plastic is easily labelled as bad. Plastic is continuously developed as a raw material and the major goal is to get rid of fossil materials. Natural fibers open new doors to the plastic industry and the development of biodegradable products. 


Industrial companies produce relatively high amounts of waste in production. In our own operations, we have avoided the use of the unnecessary plastic and the production of waste. 


Despite carefulness and accuracy, the injection moulding process produces plastic waste due to a quality deviation in the injection moulded product. For example, a quality deviation occurs as stripes, gas bubbles or crack in the product. If possible, defective products can be crushed and used again. Otherwise, their journey will continue to another recycling point for further use. 



We have a mission


As a company, we want to reduce the use of fossil plastics as needed and set an example in developing more sustainable solutions. We use only renewable energy in our production.